Double track system of speaker positioning technique

  It seems that in most people, good speaker is to constitute a high quality multi-channel music or home theater system. Some consumers spend a lot of money in other video / audio equipment, but not a good match excellent speaker system, the results can not enjoy the full potential of whole set of equipment brought charm.

  To get the best sound quality, only good speaker is not enough, and the key place lies in: only right and perfect the speaker together can obtain excellent sound quality. A bad match settings will make high-end speaker sounds like a mess. But then again, no matter how rack sth. the configuration and settings may not make poor speakers get excellent performance. Multi channel sound system of cheap, can not be perfect to show the film "Titanic" charm, just like a Santana beyond Benz as the truth.

  Multi channel home cinema effect and feeling should be very obvious, unless you put the speakers are displayed without the rule, of course this is not able to fully meet our requirements, stereo feeling 360 degrees or sound box system that reality screen infection need to optimize the soft can show.

  Before we carry out the following explanation, needs to be emphasized is the interaction between speakers and room, please keep in mind that each speaker has its own "tone" or music performance, the final sound effects with the speakers in the room placement as well as in the whole system status are closely related.

  All rooms have a bass eliminating stagnation, low-frequency output will be issued at this position speaker is decreased, at the same time, each room also has a low frequency enhancement, low frequency effects manifested in this place is more obvious, and between the above two "singularity" distance is usually very near, all often appear difference of foot distant location performance out of the bass is a totally different situation found.

  But the speaker configuration is not to imagine such complexity, the following let Mohair comes as we explain the speaker configuration and placed, even if it is something. The speaker configuration does not require special attention and more patience, and must abide by the rules is very intuitive to understand, no matter whether you often immersed in stereo music or obsessed with multi-channel home theater, the application effect of these principles is very direct, to get the best sound box with the effect of just need some time and efforts.

Space: the starting point of all

  The key difference with speaker system of correct and incorrect matching speaker system lies in: bring the correct method is the 3D real feel very realistic, just as exposure to the music hall at the time of the atmosphere. If the speaker is not set correctly, the sound of giving people the feeling is very "dry", there is no real atmosphere of the scene depth, ambience and dialysis degree.

  As will be discussed below is how to two channel stereo sound box position is set up correctly, and of course many settings which are suitable for use in multi channel set in. Even if there are 5 or more speakers need to set, how to correctly placed in front of the two main speakers is still very important.

  You may have to adjust the distance between the speakers in the majority of cases, but now you have a good start. If the room can not symmetrically placed, best to let the speaker more from you nearly as possible, no matter how adjustment are what make a mark with a ruler, this is not to make fun of, if you are using the most advanced speaker, between this inch gap will cause other effects from this hard to believe, but does the fact so). At the same time, but also pay attention to whether the speaker is placed on the bracket or the floor will need to pay attention to the problem.

  Maintaining the consistency of the wall surfaces and furniture. If the left speaker near the side wall is smooth and the right speaker near is concave convex decorative tapestry, as a result of these inconsistent walls back to the absorption or reflection, which leads to the timbre difference between two speakers, unable to obtain accurate stereo color effect. Remember this, ensure the speakers around the walls consistent.

The speaker position of key points

  Find the right speaker placement means to obtain sound, bass performance and the overall tone balance best. In addition to find the correct listening position, this point and between the corner on both sides of the sound box is the distance between the can form an equilateral triangle, the next step is to find the audio-visual disc to actually verify the actual performance of the whole system of some. (see "recommended audio-visual disc").

  First adjust the distance between the speakers, first adjust the speaker facing direction (we will also be on the speaker support leg attention), if the distance between the two is too far away, heard the voice of the speaker is very empty, as if from inside sound dispelled off. If the distance between the two too close, you to feel the obvious effect of mono, stereo two channel effect without deposit. Only in the right way, you will feel the hierarchy, stereo sense is strong, beautiful sound effect.

  Connection: speakers must correct connection with the receiver or amplifier, the corresponding interface connected, that is to say, if it is red interface must be connected to the interface receiver on the corresponding interface is the same, black.

Connection means that all

  It is important to note: between the speaker and a receiver or speaker and amplifier line must be connected to the correct polarity, red port on the receiver must be red port line in-phase connected speakers on the connected interface, black and black line must also be corresponding, if two wiring and end not corresponding to the right, color and sound will be greatly affected.

  At the same time, but also pay attention to the speaker connection to and receiver terminal and speaker interface adaptation, many advanced receiver are used in nozzle pressure button interface and can connect the lotus port and spade interface connection. Shovel mouth line interface with all of the interface can adapt even includes terminals (unless some special high-level models).

Acoustics, sound field and symmetry

  Stereo and multichannel speaker sound quality performance is not the same, then influence the instruments and vocals sound positioning field are affected by the distance and angle. Unless a very symmetrical swing sound box, if you can do it, get the sound field performance and sound quality will be better.

  Symmetric placement for the front left and right main speaker stereo speakers or in multi-channel system is very important, from audio-visual point to the distance and angle between them should strive for equal symmetry will get the ideal effect. If the speaker manufacturers to provide the positioning reference of course good, but may not have access to this information, so the best way is to put the speaker * * walls divided into 3 equal parts, a loudspeaker placed in 1/3, and another speaker placed in the 2/3.

  The next step is to adjust the two speakers to between the back wall at the same distance, this is often ignored by users. If the speaker is placed in the position near the wall too * will cause the bass part too strong and reduce its sound quality and sound field in broad sense. Because of this, tonal balance easily in can generate bass cut or enhanced destroyed, so be continuously adjusted between speaker and the distance to the walls to get balanced bass effect and pitch precision.

  Tips: small in has placed position markers, such as when one step after the poor effect is easy to quickly restore to the original state.

  The next thing to do is very meticulous work, is to adjust the sound box and between audio-visual point of view, for some particularly strange bipolar loudspeaker, such as flat panel speaker or electrostatic loudspeaker etc. These are having a speaker unit before and after the direction of the sound box, only need to be placed in parallel can. The usual with direction divergence between speakers, adjust them and audio-visual point angle needs, until the sound quality and sound field direction and depth of feeling and have reached the desired degree of.

  The best please friends together to participate in speakers adjust their work, he can be used as your "second for" ears, if he felt the voice of poor or ambiguous words, re adjust the position and direction until satisfaction.

Some points of the last:

  Sometimes slightly inclined to obtain the speaker sound quality and tonal balance better effect, but must ensure the stability of the speaker in the base or support, do not to the rickety.

  Many speakers or a sound box seat has convenient adjustment of the height of the conical foot nail, in determining a good final placement on the foot nail regulation can obtain better effect of sound field and bass.

  If there is no adjustment foot nail, can pad some thin pieces of wood in front of.

  Remember, the speaker tweeter and you in the audio-visual point seat ears should approximately in a horizontal line.

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