The breakdown of the coaxial speaker sound quality advantage

High phase fidelity coaxial speaker
  Generally speaking, all the sounds have harmonic nature have, through which they can know the type and quality of signal source. A single note harmonics can be extended to listening outside the scope of a fundamental frequency, located within the scope of the basic note bass speaker tweeter reproduces through many harmonic components. If the tweeter is separate, so both in time and space, in most to hear the sound location on the fundamental frequency and its harmonics will note there are many differences of time, so the resulting sound cannot accurately reproduce, this is a big problem facing the general multi frequency division system. Coaxial speakers maintain the harmonic structure complex sounds, and the harmonic of each order to get the perfect synthesis in sound radiation, are reproduced audiovisual natural and lifelike.
Coaxial loudspeaker system to maintain the harmonic structure of complex sound
  In a multi unit sound systems in different frequency, the same sound reproduction by the unit of different, their starting point of the pendulum which is equivalent to the fundamental and harmonic is different in different positions, even if there is Jibojia infinite harmonic sine wave, finally can not be synthesized for Fang Bo, so it did not meet the sound characteristics of point sound source. Coaxial speaker is an important but often overlooked feature is that it is designed to be a fully integrated unit, not only in the tweeter horn touch formed in bass vibration acoustic radiation throat outward, the woofer and tweeter using the same set of magnetic circuit system, the two unit is independent vibration interdependence, get the perfect combination in structure, every important link which control the playback in the design stage.
Coaxial sound box timbre natural resistance to listen to the voice of accurate location
  Timbre can be regarded as the expression of personality sound, itself is not of good or bad, but the beautiful nature, resistant to high degree of timbre is undoubtedly more keep ear, coaxial unit speakers in almost all the advantages of tri band natural transition, natural timbre resistant to. Image is expressed by the tone of the sound source shape, sound pressure sound source vibration and radiation energy intensity. The sound has the location characteristics, biological auditory organ with two symmetry exists to detect the position of the voice, his principle is the brain to judge the sound phase two ears of the same sound source emits a difference to conclude, if a deaf, he can only be determined empirically sound position and can not accurately determine the direction and moving the characteristics of the sound source. On the contrary the auditory organ is normal, but the sound source reproduction is phase and sound pressure distortion, also can make the sound position judgment error occurred.
Multi unit system arranged longitudinally to ultrasonic longitudinal tensile orientation affected
  Another typical application of positioning is stereo positioning principle, phase sound reproduction produces different sound pressure and two speakers of the same sound source using the two speakers difference, make be audio-visual sound source replay that define a position between the two speakers on the. The sound pressure, sound image will be close to the pressure of big side, two speaker sound pressure are the same location in the two speakers on the perpendicular bisector, when a speaker has no output sound pressure, sound image position completely to another speaker, such as phase parameters remain unchanged when words, sound pressure change can only make the image along the two speaker line moving. Influence of phase on image than the sound pressure is more complicated, the phase parameters can influence the size of the image size, pressure, and can change the image position.
  This shows, only are fidelity condition in the replay phase loudspeaker unit and sound, stereo positioning can be achieved, the position of the stage musical instruments will be confirmed, the status quo, acoustic fidelity is relatively easy to implement, and the phase fidelity with considerable difficulty, the fundamental mode phase fidelity is full range point sound source replay to achieve, so said high fidelity coaxial speakers can truthfully reduction source image.

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