Sound knowledge of decryption method for judging the polarity of the speaker.

  In the manufacture, repair, buy when the loudspeaker, special attention should be paid to the positive and the negative poles of the speaker. In the assembly speaker, if the "+" very reverse connection, the speaker will produce phase distortion.

Four methods of judging the polarity of the speaker:

  In the repair of speaker and speaker, often see the domestic and international speaker manufacturer identifies inconsistencies. Here are four loudspeaker polarity discrimination method. One is to use 1.5V battery touches the speaker "+, -" end, low frequency loudspeaker paper basin under the impetus of large, high frequency loudspeaker paper basin or membrane driven by a number of small earthquakes.

  Battery "+" "+" end electrode is connected with the loudspeaker paper basin, or diaphragm to push, end of the battery is "+" very touched to the speaker "+" very. Two is the use of pointer multimeter to touch the speaker "+, -" pole, paper cone is pushed upwards, red pen is connected with the end is the speaker "-" pole, one end is connected to the black pen speaker "+" very. Three is to fix the assembly present sound device, can judge the polarity from the direction of winding coil, see fig..

  A clockwise direction around the head, as the "+", "-" pole of tail. Counterclockwise around the head, as the "-" pole, tail for the "+" very. Four is the use of pointer multimeter direct current 50 mu A profile in the speaker "+, -" pole, pressing loudspeaker paper basin, multimeter pointer clockwise swing, the red pen is connected to one end of the "-" pole, one end is connected to the black pen "+" very. Multimeter pointer to the anticlockwise swing, end the red pen connected to the "+" very black pen, one end connected to the "-" pole.

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